TickAssess ability in line with Functional Skills, GCSE & ESOL Curriculum

TickSatisfy Funding & Ofsted Requirements with data to show achievement & progression

TickShow the relevance of English, maths & ICT with vocation-specific Learning Resources

TickOnline assessments & resources available on a flexible basis


How is bksb used by Colleges?

The bksb solution is a vital component in the success of most colleges. Our products are used by more than 578,000 college learners, who may be studying Functional Skills, GCSEs or Apprenticeships.

Most Further Education colleges assess every learner’s ability in English and maths when they begin their course/apprenticeship. Those who hold a bksb licence are able to use our Initial Assessment for this – our interactive solution gauges the user’s current skills level and produces data for tutors to review.

Our vocation specific learning resources help to motivate and engage learners who perhaps have a negative perception of Functional Skills. Our products help to show them the relevance of English, maths and ICT skills to their chosen career path.

Aside from the bksb core products, many learners in colleges use our dyslexia, ESOL and Pre-Entry solutions to support their educational development.

How can bksb help your organisation?

In order to satisfy the revised Ofsted framework for Functional Skills, colleges require a substantial amount data. Inspectors look to triangulate evidence when reviewing the performance of a college’s Functional Skills delivery. The tracking and reporting facilities in bksbLIVE provide the required data via in-depth reports and analysis. Learner achievement is evidenced and performance can be more easily managed, helping colleges to fulfil expectations for inspection and funding.

With the wide range of learners studying with Colleges, Functional Skills programmes have to be particularly flexible – some learners may not visit college very often, some may never visit if they are enrolled on a distance learning programme. bksbLIVE is a fantastic tool for flexible Functional Skills delivery due to its responsive nature – learners and tutors can access our online platform at any time, wherever they are based.