bullet  Improve GCSE success rates & close the attainment gap

bullet  Satisfy funding & Ofsted requirements with data to show achievement and progression

bullet  Assess learners’ ability in line with the GCSE curriculum

bullet  Supplement lessons, structured homework & revision with personalised eLearning resources

bullet  Costs less than the standard funding rate for one Pupil Premium learner - for all of your learners!

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How is bksb used in Schools and Academies?

Secondary schools, academies and sixth forms use bksb to identify and support learners’ skill gaps in English, maths and ICT. Using our solutions can have a significant impact on a school’s success rates for these subjects. The individual and independent approach of bksb provides an outstanding system of additional teaching and learning – supplementing lessons, structured homework and revision.

We’ve recently launched the GCSE Exam Practice, to add to our GCSE Diagnostic Assessment and GCSE Learning Resources. Schools can now purchase all of these products as part of the GCSE Achieve solution.

Our GCSE Diagnostic Assessment has been specifically designed to help schools and academies to gauge skills gaps of learners in line with the core curriculum for English and Maths. On completion of the assessment, an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) is produced to highlight areas of strengths and weaknesses.

Our GCSE Learning Resources enable learners to fill in the skill gaps identified by the Diagnostic. They present informational activities and demonstration videos to teach each highlighted topic, and can act as a revision school.

Our GCSE Exam Practice helps learners to prepare and revise for their final exams by providing exam-style questions, coupled with additional support resources.

Many schools and academies also use our Personal Learning and Thinking Skills (PLTS) Solution, to help to identify and develop learners’ employability skills.

GCSE Achieve is a great tool to drive improvement and close the attainment gap, particularly for Pupil Premium learners. By investing just half of the standard funding rate for one Pupil Premium learner into GCSE Achieve, you could see increased success rates across your whole organisation – more than 85% of our clients experience success rates higher than the national average.

Once you have begun using GCSE Achieve, it is easy to show Ofsted direct proof that you are using your Pupil Premium funding to great effect. The detailed analytics software which is included in every standard GCSE Achieve package tracks distance travelled and progress made automatically.

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How can bksb help your school to meet Ofsted Requirements?

All bksb products are designed with Ofsted’s Quality of Teaching, Learning and Assessment requirements in mind, and there are a number of ways in which bksb can help schools and academies in particular.

Providing Data

One of the major benefits of the bksb solution is the vast amount of data it produces. The valuable tracking and report functions assist greatly with lesson planning and learner management. This data can also be used as evidence for Ofsted Inspection and funding.


Ofsted inspectors are asked to consider whether ‘assessment is frequent and accurate’, and with bksb, you’ll be able to implement and evidence an assessment strategy with ease. Our software offers schools the chance to utilise valid and reliable assessments that are mapped to both the GCSE curriculum and the Functional Skills criteria.

Our Diagnostic Assessment analyses pupils’ understanding of different aspects of subjects, and produces an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) for each pupil that completes it. Teachers are then able to set challenging work based on knowledge and/or skills gaps - another consideration for inspectors. 

Student Feedback

Ofsted asks that schools consider how well pupils understand their skills, and how they might improve their work. bksb gives clear feedback to learners throughout all assessments and learning resources, giving them an explicit indication of their strengths and weaknesses.


bksb allows schools to monitor and ensure the achievement of qualifications, meaning it is easy to see when individuals or groups are underachieving. Teachers can then offer additional support to these learners ensuring achievement is ‘consistent’, as required by Ofsted.

Where it is not possible for a student to achieve GCSE English or maths for whatever reason, schools that subscribe to bksb can make use of our solution for Functional Skills qualifications which can be used as either a stepping stone to GCSE, or as a standalone qualification.

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